Learn the Basics


Conquer the Wave


Master your Board


Ikaria Surf School’s surf sessions, are held by experienced instructors certificated by: SurfingGB and ISA. Our instructors are also trained as lifeguards, certificated by: SLSA, ISLA and Lifeguard Hellas.
Our surf sessions are adjusted to cover all student levels and the instructors-students ratio is strictly 4:1 in order to provide guaranteed results and advanced security standards for our students.

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Advanced Training Techniques

We use video analysis for the extent technical improvement of our student's skills and we are oriented into adjusting the training techniques to the student's level and abilities.

Capturing Your Life's Moments

Our photographer is capturing every moment of the course for you to keep your great surfing memories! Safety and fun, that's our session's motto, and we take both of them very seriously!

Session Levels & Descriptions

Learn the Basics


You have never surfed before? We are very proud to guide you to the wonderful world of the waves. This class is targeting to the student’s successful ability to stand up on the board. We will help you with a system of beach and water exercises to master the basic techniques for safe surfing.

Conquer the Wave


For our intermediates surf course previous experience is demanded, or at least some significant beginner’s practice. The course is designed around a step-by-step organized training with a correction follow up, which permits the building of good surfing habits.

Master your Board


At this level, with the consulting of your instructor you are able to set the course’ s target yourself. If you can catch a wave and ride along with it, we will be more than happy to teach you some advanced techniques, like learning how to control your speed, bottom and top turn, using a longboard or a shortboard… and many other secrets!

Surfing is a sport that is fully depended on the weather conditions. Changes to the procedure of the surf sessions are possible. In this case an alternative schedule will be followed.

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